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Back in business!

Despite the rather negative past few posts, I think we may be back in business! Felt loads better yesterday so put an easy 5 miles down, then raced the OU relay at lunchtime with my work colleagues (best time since I started there!) and then ran the Run for Nothing 5km at Willen Lake tonight and ran almost the same time as my pre-cold time – and I was holding back a bit.

I’m now looking forward to the MK Half on Sunday.Still undecided as to whether to run it as a race or at a test marathon pace. Will probably decide as I’m actually doing it – i.e. if its a bit slow – it’s marathon pace and a training run or if I’m doing well – I’ll race it. My t-shirt arrived today (another one for the collection) and as race shirts go it’s not too bad!

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Training for Week 9

On the road to London well and truly now – although with my longest run only 14 miles I think it’s fair to say I’m a bit behind where I’d really like to be at this point but still plenty of time yet.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 5 miles steady

Wednesday – OU relay at lunchtime, Run for Nothing 5km in the evening

Thursday  – 6 mile tempo

Friday – stretching

Saturday – cross training (bike)

Sunday – MK Half marathon with possibly a few miles after to make it into a proper long run (trying to make up some miles!)

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Review of Week 8

Well, another disappointing week on the training front. I just can’t seem to shift this cold, virus thingy – it’s hanging around like a bad smell and to be honest I’d rather it would just ‘do one’!

I managed to get a ‘speed’ session done on Tuesday – I put speed in inverted commas as it was speed in the loosest sense of the word. The FIRST plan I’m (sort of) following sets target times for each rep – the longer and tempo runs are not a problem, but the short intervals I’m way off! Guess I’m not a speed merchant, but then again I knew that…and who needs to sprint 400m when you’re running a marathon – I’m assuming the last 400m of the London Marathon will be Chip shuffle – bit like the Ironman shuffle, but done by me!

Thursday was a 7 mile tempo – I managed 6.5 miles, but it wasn’t a pleasant run. About 3 miles in up by Willen Lake I ran out of energy and just felt rough. But after a short break and a little word with myself I got going again. Didn’t run at the proper pace but got back in one piece. Haven’t felt right since then so haven’t done the 16 miler for the second time. But, I’m trying not to panic, there’s still eight weeks to go – and five until the Oakley 20. It’ll be fine…

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Halfway Review – 8 weeks to go….gulp!

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point in the plan. To be honest at the end of 2011 I was a little bit skeptical I’d get there at all – a very stubborn case of plantar fasciitis was refusing to improve, but with some good physio, a bottle of frozen water, lots of stretching, a night splint (also known as the bionic foot) and not over doing the mileage we’ve hit the mid-point.

I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be but considering the constant cold I seem to have had since New Year I’m pretty pleased with my efforts so far. The longer miles don’t seem too onerous, I’m actually enjoying it in a weird sort of way. It’s nice to train with a bit of purpose and not just with the goal of a race. I’ve trained for various events before but this one’s a bit different. Yes, I want to run a marathon and run well, but this time I’m running it for some close friends and it’s that which is keeping me going when the training gets tough. I don’t want to let them down, I want to do them proud – and I will.

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Training for Week 8

Halfway point in the plan and after last week’s break really need to get some miles on the clock this week. Looks as if the weather is picking up along with the lighter evenings so bodes well…

Monday – stretching

Tuesday -3x1600m

Wednesday – short run

Thursday 7 mile tempo

Friday – stretching

Saturday – cross training (bike)

Sunday – 16 miles long run

The 16 mile run should have been done last week but as I was ill only did a gentle 10. I’m in two minds whether to run the 15km at the Wellingborough MT and then run a 7 miler when I get home or whether to just go for it an do it in one hit. The danger of splitting is that I’ll end up racing the 15km and will get home and not want to do anything else – especially as the MT is quite a tough hilly route. Although the last entry is today I think I’ll decide at the weekend and enter on the day if I feel like it.

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Review of Week 7

Well, last week didn’t really happen! The slight cold I had last Sunday turned into a fully blown coughing and spluttering event and despite taking out shares in Boots I’m still suffering a week later. With my sensible head on decided that running this week was not really an option, and to be honest, must have been quite ill as I really didn’t want to run either.

I decided that this was probably a good time to have a recovery week and resigned to staying on the sofa each evening. So everything that was planned last week was ignored. On Sunday I felt a fair bit better so after a 4 mile jog, thought I’d have a few miles more and eventually completed 10 miles. Not quick by any stretch but nice and comfortable and was quite reassuring considering after 6 days of no running, 10 miles felt quite easy. Just goes to show you can afford to take a break if you need to. The hard work doesn’t disappear in a matter of days.

So, onwards and upwards next week. Need to shake the remnants of this cold and stop getting another one (my third in six weeks). So if anyone has any tips for prevention and cure (or relief) please do tell…!


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Training for Week 7

Here’s the plan for the week, although very subject to illness as I have a stinking cold…

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 7 x 800m

Wednesday – short run

Thursday – 8 mile tempo

Friday – stretching

Saturday – cross training (bike)

Sunday – 16 miles long run – ooerr!

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Review of Week 6

Bit of a funny week really. With the cold weather the training plan has gone out of the window a bit. I was supposed to do some speed work on Tuesday but with copious amounts of ice about decided to swap with the Thursday tempo session and run 5 miles. Except, I didn’t as after 30 minutes of trying to stay upright I gave it up as a bad job and went home. I decided that for the sake of avoiding broken bones giving up was the sensible option.

The swimming on Wednesday didn’t happen, as usual! So by Thursday regardless of the weather I was quite desperate to get out there. It was cold and large sections of redway in MK were frozen over but I ran quicker than I planned so was pleased with it despite the weather.

The weather didn’t improve much over the weekend so the bike didn’t happen, but I did complete the 14 mile long run. Having woken up on Saturday with a head cold it was a long hard slog, but got there in the end!



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Long hard slog…

I ran 14 miles today which was the furthest I’ve run in well over four years, possibly more. I can vaguely remember it being in a half marathon training plan years ago but I can’t actually remember doing it! Perhaps that was why it came as a bit of a shock today when I ran the 14 miles but have to say I didn’t really enjoy it. I have got a bit of a cold at the moment so perhaps that was it, but in comparison with last week I felt like every step was a bit of a chore.

This is new territory for me, I’ve never trained for a marathon before and perhaps this is par for the course that the churning out of miles that is required isn’t all fun.  It has got me worried a bit as in the scheme of things it was just 14 miles. What am I going to feel like when I need to do 20? I’m hoping this was just a blip – it can’t be good all of the time and I suppose you need to take the rough with the smooth. Anyway tomorrow is the start of a new week so we shall see!

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New shoes…

…well, new version of the same style/brand I’ve worn for years!

Treated myself to a new pair of trainers last week. As the miles are building up a couple of twinges I’ve had are similar to those I’ve had before which usually indicate it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to running shoes. Like many runners I found a style that I like and am too scared to venture away from them with the fear a different style or brand might cause an injury. As a runner in my youth I always ran in Asics only venturing away during my non-running years for a bit of a flirt with Reebok and Addidas but after a long term knee injury attributed to – in part – poorly chosen trainers I returned to the old faithful’s about 7 years ago and haven’t strayed since!

The Asics GT 2nnn range are great for over pronators like me. The stability factor, I feel has helped me kick my knee injury completely and I’ve never looked back. As a testament to the durability of them I still have many of the pairs floating around. My 2090’s are still used as my ‘indoor stretching’ footwear, my 2130’s are my ‘travelling to triathlons’ pair, my blue 2150’s are my ‘multi-terrain, don’t care if I get them dirty’ pair and my pink 2150’s are my ‘used to the max, on their last legs’ pair.

I love the 2130’s so much I actually bought three pairs, although sadly two pairs had to be put out of their misery!

The latest addition, a rather bright pair of 2170’s were comfortable from the moment I tried them on, so confident I was in them that I wore the for the first time for a 12 mile run at the weekend – foolhardy, but my trust in the style is so strong I knew they’d be fine – and they were.

My growing brood! Can you spot the new pair?

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