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Northampton Triathlon – Race Report

First triathlon of the season and it went much better than expected. My only reason for entering was that we’d got to the end of June and I still hadn’t taken part in a tri yet this year so thought if I wait until August (MK Tri) the season will be just about over before I’ve even started! It was a bit of a last minute entry – the Wednesday before and I went into it with the attitude that it would just be a bit of fun, times don’t matter.

With the sum total of two swimming sessions – a half hour lake swim at the end of May and 3/4 hour last Wednesday in the pool I wasn’t expecting much in the way of the swim, more of a get round but once I got over the initial first 100m and the washing machine effect (it was a mixed wave so quite physical) I settled into a nice rhythm. By halfway I tried to get a feel of where I was in relation to the rest of the wave and felt I was quite far back, but when I started overtaking some of the previous was knew I wasn’t too bad and in the final couple of hundred metres was passing my own wave left right and centre! I actually came out of the water in 12th place which was not too shabby methinks!

I hadn’t ridden the bike route before but had done bits of it and knew the first 5-6 miles would be hard, lots of uphills, tricky descents and a cheeky cattle grid, but I soon found myself over taking people on the uphills and then worked to keep ahead of them on the straights. I knew I had overtaken a few girls from my wave and as far as I could tell only one had overtaken me. Once the route hit the main roads it was a very quick ride – some hills but long stretches where even I managed to get on the tri bars for a bit. It was very windy and nearly came a cropper passing a n open gateway with wind whipping through it – at 30 mph on the bars a swear word or two may have come out of my mouth!

Coming back into transition one of the girls I had overtaken earlier came past me and we set out on the run. As ‘m suffering from really tight calves at the moment I had already decided that the run would be a gentle run and with the terrain, slightly off road and very wet and muddy (serious overnight rain coupled with a week of rain beforehand) I didn’t want to take any chances. I’ve a half marathon in two weeks and couldn’t risk it. The first lap was quite hard with my left calf feeling very tight on the verge of popping, but slowly as I plodded on it loosened up a bit and by the second lap I felt I could run a bit easier. I could see two women ahead at that point, knew the first lady was too far ahead but the second place was slowly coming back to me – but with my wise hat on felt I was quite happy where I was and finished a very pleased third place!

I don’t think I’ve ever been placed in a triathlon before so was really pleased with it, especially as I knew there was more to come from the swim and my run was quite restrained. To round it off I also got second place in my age group. So, all in all a great day and a fine return to the world of triathlon!

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I’m back!

Not that I’ve been away, just haven’t been blogging for a while. After the excitement of the marathon had the blogging equivalent of writers block – bloggers block? I’m still running and have completed my first triathlon of the year – better late than never eh? But just didn’t feel like writing much so rather than send out a load of drivel decided to take a bit of a break.

Quite a bit has happened during my blogging hiatus – I’m now a fully fledged David Lloyd Redway Runner and UKA registered athlete. I’ve also taken the plunge and joined TeamMK our local tri club. I’ve been dabbling with tri’s for years but thought it was about time I learned how to do it properly! Even competed in my first race for them today and earned a couple of placings as a lady and in my age-group so not a bad start!

Had a holiday in the south of France and took on a couple of rides in the Pyrenees – even rode a bit of the TdF route, Limoux to Foix (we did Chalabre to Limoux – the backwards version as you wouldn’t want to ride the direction the pro’s do)! I’ll save the details for another post, but as hard as it was it has refreshed my view on cycling a bit and after my tri today when I was flying past people up hills I know it was worth the pain!

Anyway – this was just a quick post to check inĀ  I’ll be back reading too as I’d neglected that aspect of blogging too – so will be catching up with what everyone’s been up to…

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