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Week 11 – London Marathon Training Review

Another positive week. Got a good endurance swim in on Monday. Still only got about 50 minutes in the pool but managed a good 100m more than last week. These are relatively easy sets but are more about getting used to swimming constantly for a length of time. On that sort of pace I should be able to get the 5km swimathon done in about 1h 45mins.

I took the run on Tuesday quite easy as I had raced on Sunday but did try a quicker mile towards the end although it was still slower than my quickest mile on Sunday. Since I’ve been running slowly deliberately to help with my injury I now have trouble getting up to speed on my own. No bad thing at the moment really with a marathon coming up, but need to get back on it once the 5 and 10km races come up in the summer.

Wednesday was the usual GreenlightPT session. It was hard work this week, but we completed 3km made up of a lot of reps, some quite quick (for me anyway!).

Thursday was DLRR club night and on the early 4 mile lap it was great to welcome back my running buddy who’s been out injured for five months. Her timing is great as it coincides with me starting to quicken back up a bit too so between us we should start to pick up a bit over the next few weeks but still be mindful of self-preservation. The second run was a bit slow, but it always is with the first two miles steady uphill and loop backs. By halfway though I started to feel quite good and picked up a bit although the legs were tired by the end.

This Sunday was the Milton Keynes Marathon Training Run. This was an organised 18 mile training run with a bit of a talk beforehand with tips for the marathon then two 9 mile laps run covering much of the marathon route. There were also pacers covering every minute and half-minute from 7 to 10 to help people pace their runs. I decided to run with the 9:30 pacer for the first lap then thought I’d quicken up for the second lap, except as usual after a couple of miles, I changed my mind and a group of us ran the first lap at 9:20 pace. I then upped the pace a bit and ran between 8:34 and 9:09 for the second lap. I felt pretty good and managed the whole run in 2:37 which bodes really well for Oakley next week. I think 9 min miles might now be possible which puts me almost where I was last year…finally getting it back together.

Monday – swim session (2.5km)

Tuesday – 4 miles easy/steady

Wednesday – swim session (GreenlightPT)

Thursday – 8.6 miles steady with DLRR

Friday – rest/physio

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 17.4 miles

Miles for the week – 30 miles

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Week 10 – London Marathon Training Review

A good week on the training front – all sessions planned were completed and completed well! The Monday swim session went well. We only have a hour as it’s a public lane swim but didn’t manage to get in the pool until 10 mins into the session. I had planned 3x1km but was never going to manage that in 50 mins, but was quite pleased to fit in 2x1k plus 400m – this also included some rest between each set – but each one felt quite easy making the 5km swimathon in April not seem too far a challenge.

With the MK Half coming up on Sunday, I wasn’t sure what sort of pace to run so after an easy 2 miles on Tuesday I tried to run a bit harder for the second 2 miles to see what my achilles would withstand – I wasn’t far off 9 min miles so gave me a good indication of where I needed to pitch myself on the day.

Wednesday was the weekly swim training with GreenlightPT. The sessions do seem to be getting tougher now, but I think I’m hanging in there and managed to get through 3km in the hour. Really looking forward to doing a triathlon this season just to see how far I have improved in the swim.

It’s DLRR club night on Thursday and took a steady 4 miles with the early group, which was one of my fastest for a long while – still a good 6-7 minutes slower than I have done in the past but still feeling good. This was then followed by the main club run which was four miles, but with loop backs I pulled in 4.8 miles. Towards the end I started to feel quite strong and gained some confidence for Sunday.

Today was the MK Half, I’ll add a full report tomorrow but in short – whoo hoo!! Planned to run up to 7 miles at 9:30 pace then quicken it up after that – and thought I’d come in around 2 hours. But found myself running at 9-9:20 pace for the first 7 miles, had a slow mile 8 as I stopped to stretch my achilles – just felt a bit tight – and then thought I’d put my foot down to see what I’d got, but still holding back enough not to do any damage. Started churning out 8:30s and was passing people like they were standing still – event managed one of my quickest miles on the final mile which included the infamous beacon hill in Campbell Park (v.steep uphill – just what you need at 12.5 miles in a half!). Came in at 1:57 – with the biggest grin on my face you can get! I had also ran three miles before the start so I could get 16 miles in. The time was no where near my PB but considering just over two weeks ago I couldn’t even run 4 miles without pain, I think that’s a pretty good result!

All that’s left to say now is – London – BRING IT ON!


Monday – swim session (2.4km)

Tuesday – 4 miles easy/steady

Wednesday – swim session (GreenlightPT)

Thursday – 8.8 miles steady with DLRR

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 16 miles (including 13.1 race)

Miles for the week – 28.8 miles

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Week 9 – London Marathon Training Review

This week was a bit of a make or break week. After the disaster of last Sunday’s run London was starting to look like it might not happen, but following the run on Sunday I have diligently followed the icing and stretching programme and took a very gentle run on Tuesday to see how the land was lying. I am pleased to say I got through the run with no ill effects. It was slow but seemed to be ok.

To keep my fitness up I’ve introduced another swim session, but it will also be useful for the forthcoming tri season and the 5km swimathon I’ve signed up for at the end of April. This will be an endurance session to get used to swimming for long lengths of time as I’ve only ever swum that distance once before and it was a while ago (I was 14!).

I’ve got rid of the cold/chest infection I’ve had for a few weeks so returned to the regular swim training on Wednesday with GreenlightPT. It was a tough session and despite missing the last two weeks I think I managed to hang on ok – just! There are some quick guys in my lane but it’s a good way to improve.

Thursday night is DLRR club night so it was an opportunity to get 8 miles in. I ran the early lap nice and slowly and then ran with the tail runner for the second lap to keep it nice and slow. All went well and that was another 8 miles in the bag. The stretching and icing continued and I decided to give a long run a go on Sunday.

As I had managed nearly 11 miles last week I thought it would be OK to try to another long run. With the MK Half coming up next week I wanted to be sure I could at least get that distance covered so I worked out a 13 mile route. I ran part of the old railway as it cuts across north MK and then followed the River Ouse all the way to Old Stratford. It was a nice route, mostly flat but part of it was different to anything I’ve run before which is important to keep the interest going. To make a change I also ran with music. I’ve always been very anti MP3 player while running having had too many elbows in the face and random changes of direction from people running with them in races but as I was planning on running quite slowly I thought it might be a welcome distraction. Surprisingly it was really nice to run with music. I just did a shuffle of everything that was on my phone, forgetting that I’d got three episodes of Marathon Talk on there. As interesting as it is I didn’t fancy listening to it while running so had to make several stops to skip each time an episode came up! The run itself went really well, I purposely started off at around 10 minute miles to ensure I didn’t overdo it but by mile eight I was feeling quite confident and ran the last 5+ miles home at 9:30 pace with no ill effects. I think I might try to run the half next week at this pace – over 1:30 a mile off what I’d normally be running, but this is the long game and the goal is London not a half pb, that can come at a later date. If that feels comfortable I’m going to add an extra three miles on that day to give me 16 which should hopefully put me in a position to do the MK marathon training run of 18 miles the following week.

I’m kind of looking forward to running the half at a slower pace – I’ve run the race about 7 times and this is the first one I’m going to run without the aim of a PB – I may as well enjoy it and take in the mini tour of MK!

To finish I must admit I’ve not been the easiest to live with the past few weeks, mainly because I was worried about London and letting people down but I have to say a massive thank you to the support from everyone. This years London campaign has been a bit of a head wreck – up, down, in, out, but I think I might have seen some light at the end of that tunnel – just a chink, but it’s there…

Monday – swim session (1900m)

Tuesday – 4 miles easy

Wednesday – swim session (GreenlightPT)

Thursday – 8.3 miles easy with DLRR

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 13.2 miles steady

Miles for the week – 25.5 miles

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Week 8 – London Marathon Training Review

I came into this week feeling a bit apprehensive – although given the go ahead to start training with a bit more vigour, I still needed to shake the chest infection/cold thing that I’d had for the past week. I thought I’d test the water on Monday with an easy run just to see how I felt – achilles was spot on, not a whiff of pain, but the very cold weather wasn’t so good for my chest and by the third mile I was starting to feel it a bit so I rounded up to four miles (think I’m starting to get Garmin OCD!) and called it a night. I still didn’t feel brilliant for the rest of the week, opting to miss swim training again on Wednesday but had set myself a target of running home from work on Friday. It was about 10 miles and although not the safest of routes (mostly redways through MK – and MK Council clearly don’t pay their electric bills…) I took it really nice and steady. I was shattered by the end of it – more to do with coming out of illness that poor fitness but I was really pleased as there was no pain from my ankle at all.

Saturday was the DLRR MultiSports cycle training event so I got the bike out for the first time this year and rode to the MK Bowl, spend an hour and a half doing circuits and drills then cycled home – except I didn’t make it home! Anyone in the MK area will know that Saturday was horrible – minus temperatures and snow – not the sort of snow that lays but the really cold arctic icy stuff the stings your face and had the wind to match. Two thirds of the way home I lost all feeling in my hands and feet and couldn’t change  gears or brake – bit of a problem when the last two miles covered the A5 – a major A road…Fortunately my parents live on the route home and I headed there to warm up before my dad very kindly bunged my bike in his car and drove me home!

I was excited about the club run on Sunday – it was about 12 miles and after my 10 miles on Friday I felt ready to start to join back in the club runs – I knew I’d have to take it easy and just go with the flow. It was great to see everyone and those that have been geeing me up the last few weeks. Trouble was within the first two miles I was in trouble – I had the same pain in my achilles that I had all those weeks before. I stopped and did some stretching and that helped but after 4 miles I knew I had to call it a day. I was gutted but knew it was the right thing to do – only trouble was I was now four miles from the car so took a long walk back via the canal to the MK Dons stadium. So even though the club run was aborted I still got just under 8 miles out of it – every cloud and all that!

Since then I’ve iced and stretched and I have no pain or swelling which is a good sign – I’m hoping it was just my body’s way of telling me two long runs in 3 days was too much. I’ll give it a gentle test on Tuesday to see what’s what and take it from there. And as one of my club mates told me on Sunday, there’s not only eight weeks to go, there’s still eight weeks to go….


Monday – 4 miles very easy

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – rest

Friday – 10.5 miles

Saturday – 25 miles bike (including circuits at the MK Bowl

Sunday – 7.75 miles

Miles for the week – 22.25 miles

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Week 7 – London Marathon Training Review

Well it was a good week because I was given the go ahead to start piling in some miles, but then bad because I started feeling poorly on Sunday and went downhill from there ending up at the doctors with a chest infection and a course of antibiotics. Panic has most definitely set in – half way point in the training and my longest run so far is 8 miles – not good…

Monday – nothing (ill)

Tuesday – physio/nothing (ill)

Wednesday – nothing (ill)

Thursday – nothing (ill)

Friday – nothing (ill)

Saturday – nothing (ill)

Sunday – nothing (ill)

Miles for the week – 0 miles – oops!

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Some good, some bad…

The good news this week was the physio has effectively signed me off. I can go forth and run lots more miles (within reason) as long as I stick to the extra stretching and no long runs on consecutive days.

The bad news is I felt rough on Sunday and gradually felt worse as the week progressed and now have a chest infection, so as quickly as I was given the green light to start training properly again, I’ve had the rug pulled from under my feet. I’m now dosed up on antibiotics and have no desire to get out of bed let alone go out for a run.

This whole marathon training season is getting an increasing feeling of deja vu about it – remember the plantar fasciitis and constant cold? Well we’re here again at about the same time as last year but with the slightly more serious achilles tendonitis.

I had worked out a plan to get me up to 20 miles by the time of the Oakley 20 at the end of March but will now need to rejig that as am running out of weekends! Anyone up for a few mid week 16 milers?

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Week 6 – London Marathon Training Review

Started to get some miles in this week. I made my first appearance at a club run for over a month for the early lap. These can be notoriously quick, which is normally great and is one of the reasons I was firing on all cylinders before Christmas, but for me it was more about getting some miles in. So while the others all raced off I settled into a nice easy pace, slow enough to ensure I’d be back for the next session. The route is well lit, but not the type of route you want to run on your own, so luckily for me with marathon season about there were a few others running a similar pace to me so I hung off the back of them – perhaps running a little quicker than I planned but was a good test. After three miles my achilles was a little tight but ok so I eased off a bit. For the second session I opted to run with the DLRR Step Up group which is a small group who run about three miles at a gentle pace – this was just right as gave me a chance to natter with a friend!

Swim training on Wednesday with GreenlightPT was great. I can really feel myself improving in the pool now and whereas a few weeks ago I wasn’t getting much rest at the end of each rep (to be honest I was hanging on for dear life!), I’m now getting some which off the same times is great news.

Thursday was one of my most promising runs so far this year. Again, I used the early lap with DLRR to get some miles in but ended up running 8:50 pace with no real pain so I was really pleased with that. As I was only supposed to be doing 7 miles that night, I ran the next 4 mile session at a very easy pace – I figured four fast, four slow was the same as a steady seven…? 😉

Saturday was 8 miles and a really good run averaging at just over 9 minute pace. I stopped a few times to stretch my achilles – I’m still quite conscious of it, but I don’t think it’s actually hurting, I think I’m just sensitive to any twitch or niggle. There was no pain after which is always a good sign but I iced anyway – just to be on the safe side!

I never made it onto the turbo on Sunday – you’ll see why in my next post…

Monday – 7 miles (4 miles steady/3 easy)

Tuesday – Matt Roberts Core DVD

Wednesday – swim session with GreenlightPT

Thursday – 8 miles (4 steady/4 easy)

Friday – rest

Saturday – 8 miles easy/steady

Sunday – nothing…

Miles for the week – 23 miles

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Week 5 – London Marathon Training Review

After my downbeat review last week I am pleased to say this week has been much more positive. Following an easy 4 miles on Monday, I had a visit to the physio on Tuesday. He was really pleased as the stiffness in the achilles and calf from the previous weeks had virtually disappeared and the lump on the achilles had just about gone too! I came away with instructions to carry on the stretching and icing, although the heel drops have now been increased and the go ahead to add a mile every other run. This means I should be up to about 8 miles by the time I go back to see him in two weeks.

I ran two six milers at the back end of the week. The first on Thursday was rather slow, but as it was further than I’d run for nearly a month I was very cautious. The second on Saturday was a little quicker (averaged about 9:45) which isn’t that quick in the scheme of things, but as with the distance the quickest I’ve run in a month. Things are now starting to slot back into place…

Assuming the gradual increase in mileage goes ok, I can then add 2 miles per run on following my next physio visit. It’s not the most practical way to increase mileage but is helping with my overall mileage, so although I’m not running vast distances at any one time, I am still putting some miles in which can only be good. I was quite heartened by looking at my mileage from last year and although my long runs are a bit shorter, my overall weekly mileage is very similar so all is not lost and we are well on the road to recovery!


Monday – slow 4 miles

Tuesday – physio then Matt Roberts Core DVD

Wednesday – swim session with GreenlightPT

Thursday – 6 miles easy

Friday – rest

Saturday – 6 miles easy

Sunday – 35 mins turbo

Miles for the week – 16 miles

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Week 4 – London Marathon Training Review

Week 4 and still injured, but on the road to recovery – I think! Another week off the plan, which is pretty certain to be thrown out of the window soon.  I’m facing facts now and although I think I will still make it to London, realistically I think I will be on a ‘get you round’ schedule. There’s still 12 weeks of running left so it’s not impossible, but I really don’t think there is the time to get in the number of long runs I need in order to meet the goal I had set myself. Perhaps once I get running properly again I might be able to re-evaluate it but I’m under no illusion the plan is to make it to the start line, anything else will be a bonus.

I’m running in no pain, which is great considering where I was a week or so ago, but I’m still jogging rather than running but it’s still better than walking. It’s so hard seeing the guys from DLRR talking about their long run every Sunday – I’ve missed three of the last four so far and the group I tend to run with put down around 15-16 miles each this week – I managed 5 this weekend.

I’ve got another physio appointment on Tuesday and I’ve stuck religiously to the stretches and icing plan he set me and also not exceeded my 5 mile limit or run any days back to back so I’m hoping that he will see an improvement in my achilles. I can still feel the lump but it’s not painful to touch any more and has felt generally better.

I think this best explains how I feel at the moment…


A bit frustrated and sad at the realisation this is probably not going to be the year of a great marathon…

Monday – planned to do the Matt Roberts core DVD, except I’ve lost it, so nothing done!

Tuesday – 3.1 miles slow in the snow

Wednesday – swim session with GreenlightPT

Thursday – slow 4.1 miles in the snow that is quickly becoming ice

Friday – rest

Saturday – 5 miles slow

Sunday – 30 mins on the turbo

Miles for the week – 12 miles (over double last week!)

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Week 3 – London Marathon Training Review

Week 3 and still injured. I decided that it was time see the professionals and popped to see the physio on Friday. My soleus is very tight, hence why my achilles is sore and I have a lump of scar tissue on it. After some massage and pinching it is now a lot looser and I left armed with instructions to ice, stretch and pinch and return in 10 days time. The good thing is I’m still allowed to run as long as there’s no pain and it’s no more than 5 miles – not much, but better than nothing.

It has made me realise I do need to ramp up the cross training as all my hard work before the New Year will be undone – the odd mile here and there really wont cut it, if I need to run 26 miles in 13 weeks time – there’s still time but goal times are going to have to go soon. I think from next week I’ll add another swim session, wont do the summer triathlon season any harm and will also help with a swimathon I have in mind for the end of April that will be a bit of a challenge. The bike will also have to come back out a little earlier than planned, albeit on the turbo (I don’t do bad weather cycling – and my collar bone agrees!).

Another reason for the low mileage this week as well as my injury is a bit of a cold (lesson learned from last year – better to miss some training now and get rid of it than run through it) and the snowfall we have had since Friday – it’s still coming down now. I love running in the snow and will probably give it a go tomorrow as my cold has now eased a bit.

So a bit of a non-week again but hopefully on the road to recovery and I don’t think I’m that far behind where I was this time last year, and I didn’t have winter training behind me then so still hopeful…

Monday – slow 2 miles in the snow, plus Matt Roberts core DVD

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – swim session with GreenlightPT

Thursday – slowish 3 miles in the snow

Friday – physio visit

Saturday – rest

Sunday – rest

Miles for the week – 5 miles

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